Boost your aviation carreer through exciting new opportunities

The aviation industry can't function without the skill and dedication of millions of crew members around the globe. At D&V we believe that fair and secure employment forms the basis of any sustainable flight operation. We offer permanent employment with competitive terms and benefits, high-quality training and guidance, and a wide variety of personnal and professional growth opportunities to pilots from all ranks and skill levels.


Continuous growth

Your only limitation is your ambition

We believe in limitless personal and professional growth opportunities. Besides flying on different aircraft types, in different locations and from various bases, D&V offers additional training and progression options to advance your carreer. Whether you aspire to become an instructor, examiner, training captain, management pilot, the options are almost infinite.


Job security

We are not a contract flying agency. We don't give temporary contracts. We always provide permanent, airline-grade engagements with excelent benefits and growth opportunities. We combine the flexibility of contract flying with the security of airline employment.

Your job with D&V Flight Crew does not depend on any customer or aircraft type: once you are a part of us, we will always have a place that is perfect for you!



  1. Register here to enter into the lease pool.
  2. After your registration is reviewed and approved, you will get access to our pilot portal. In the portal you will be able to see job opportunities you are eligible for. If new opportunities come up we may also pro-actively invite you to respond.
  3. After responding to an opportunity, whether upon invitation or by your own search, your application will be reviewed. If you meet all requirements, you will be invited for a selection day.
  4. If you are selected, you will enter into an employment agreement with D&V Flight Crew and start training to fly for the customer you applied for.