OUR benefits

Reduce overhead complexity and cost

We are specialized in everything related to pilots. We can take care of all your crew needs, including recruitment, selection, employment, management, and training. Our integrated crewing solutions allow you to reduce the number of specialized positions and expensive equipment within your organization, without compromising on safety or reliability. What's more, through the use of special technology and because we specialize in what we do, our services are significantly cheaper than what is normally possible in-house.

Focus on your core competencies

Whether our single point of contact or simple reports and status updates, our services are designed to reduce your workload and make managing your pilot force as easy as possible. This allows you to focus on what is truly important to you: flying your aircraft.

Ensure pain-free compliance with regulations

By combining pilot management with world-class training, we can make sure your pilots are in possession of all required qualifications, even before the need arises.

Our special monitoring tools allow you to in real-time have an overview of the qualifications within your pilot-force, and with the built-in report generation, you can be confident you are compliant.

Quickly respond to changing market conditions

Sudden changes in demand? No problem! With our integrated pilot solutions, you enjoy unparalleled flexibility.  
Whether due to market forces or unexpected sickness, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you will always have enough pilots to continue your operations. Our fast sources and flexible employment options mean you can change your number of crews faster than ever before, while our emergency response team guarantees reliability and continuity of your flight operations. Now peaks are no longer threats, but opportunities!

Get access to D&V's cost-saving innovations and technologies

We are proud pioneers in the use of technology to provide even more value to our customers. 
With the use of innovative deep learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms we can monitor candidate crew members throughout the selection process and objectively evaluate, rank and select candidates based on character, personality, skills, ability to learn and fit within the company. 
Other algorithms will observe crew performance during training, and provide suggestions for additional training to the instructors. Better training will result in new employees needing minimal adaptation time and being effective immediately. All this ensures you get the best candidates, going into the cockpit faster than ever before.

Enjoy seamless integration

Thanks to the high degree of personalization, we can design our service packages to seamlessly integrate into your operations. Our team is committed to making the transition completely painless, allowing you to derive the benefits from day one. 
Our special AI algorithms guarantee that all pilots selected for you will fit well within your company's culture. Training is optimized to the nature of your business, and guidance provided for effective operations.  
Our services can work directly with your OCC, whether in-house or outsourced, to ensure you have nothing to be worried about anymore.
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