A powerful flight crew solution that allows you to reduce costs and make your airline more flexible.

Outsourcing your crew needs allows you to focus on your core competencies and reduce unnecessary overhead in your organization. By using a dedicated service provider, you can benefit from vast expertise and specialism that would not be worthwhile to retain in-house and enjoy extensive support and sourcing networks that actually work for you.

Whether you are large or small, flying scheduled or charter, passengers or cargo, we can help you find the pilot solution that is right for you. Recruitment, lease, or a combination thereof. Training optimized for your operations. And all by a single supplier, allowing you to keep your operation simple and focus on what matters most: flying your aircraft.


All the crew services you need, in a single package

At D&V we provide a full spectrum of services to safely and reliably crew your aircraft. We're a one-stop shop solution capable of raising your operational performance while boosting your financial results. We don't just help you find the crews you need, we offer flexible employment options and cutting-edge training to unlock the maximal potential of all your crews.


Crewing without stress

An innovative full service solution with seamless integration

All our service packages are personalized and designed to fit perfectly within your operations. We will consider fleet, market positioning, branding, routes, customers, legal and operational requirements and use cutting-edge technologies to help you derive maximum value.

Find out how we can design the perfect service package for you.


Enjoy the D&V difference

We understand the unique challenges you face and can help you turn them into opportunities. Our unique approach to flight crew services guarantees maximum benefit from day one.

A full-service package

A single solution from a single company, in an all-encompassing relationship.

Unparalleled flexibility

Remain agile and respond to changes in the market ahead of your competitors.

Intuitive tools

Greater control over your operations, performance, regulatory compliance and productivity.

Simple management

A single, central way to manage your services and reach your goals more effectively.

Innovative solutions

Get access to D&V's cutting-edge technology in training, assessment and monitoring.

Reduced overheads

Save money, time and internal resources while profiting from specialistic skills and experience.


D&V for pilots

Boost your aviation carreer through exciting new opportunities

The aviation industry can't function without the skill and dedication of millions of crew members around the globe. At D&V we believe that fair and secure employment forms the basis of any sustainable flight operation. We offer permanent employment with competitive terms and benefits, high-quality training and guidance, and a wide variety of personnal and professional growth opportunities.