Flight crew Reimagined

A full-service solution, fulfilling airline's flight crew needs flexibly and cost-effectively.

We deliver personalized service through inventive technology and a futuristic approach to airline training.

Unprecedented growth in aviation has led to a situation where airlines deal with a large number of partners to source, hire, train and maintain their flight crew. The resulting complexity means that airlines every day again have to find a careful balance between reliability, flexibility, and cost. 
By combining all crew-related services into a single package, D&V's service packs allow you to reduce complexity and streamline your organization. Our fast sources and flexible employment options mean you can change your number of crews faster than ever before. Our emergency response service ensures reliability and continuity of your flight operations. Specially developed AI technology combined with a rigorous selection program guarantees new crew members are always a great fit for your organization. On top of all that, outsourcing your crew services and management to D&V is cheaper than performing them in-house. 
Having a single partner, with a personalized service package and a single point of contact, allows you to: 
Reduce overhead complexity and associated cost
Quickly respond to changing market conditions
Ensure pain-free compliance with regulations
Get access to D&V's cost-saving innovations and technologies
Focus on your core competencies and enjoy peace of mind
Your success is our dedication. All our services can be completely customized and tuned to best suit the specifics of your organization and ensure maximum efficiency of your flight department.

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Combining a niche recruitment service with world-class training

Thanks to the high degree of personalization, our service packages are designed to seamlessly integrate into your operations. Our team is committed to making your transition completely painless, allowing you to derive the benefits from day one.
We provide special monitoring and scheduling tools allowing you to quickly manage your services, reducing workload and increasing your flexibility.
D&V pioneers the use of special AI algorithms to monitor candidate crew members through the entire selection process, allowing us to objectively evaluate, rank and select candidates based on personality, proficiency, ability to learn and fit within the customer's company culture. This ensures you get the best candidates, going into the cockpit faster than ever before.
Our training equipment was custom designed and manufactured to ensure maximum training value. Our training SOPs are based on the procedures of your organization.

Better training will result in new employees needing minimal adaptation time and being effective immediately.
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